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Celebrating the art of brewing & heckling responsibly.


Welcome to Northern Fayetteville's first brewery, where making quality craft beer accessible is our primary mission.

Hecklers get to the point, so here are a few things you should know:


  • A wide variety of premium craft beer and cider!

    • 5 HKLR flagship beers

    • A handful of specialty HKLR brews that make appearances.

    • Guest taps for styles outside of our [current] wheelhouse.


  • Though she be but little, she is fierce​[ly] awesome.

  • Want  to know what's happening?  

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  • Limited selection of wine and non-alcoholic bevs for those who haven't graduated to beer yet.

  • No kitchen...BUT!

    • Our neighbors at ScrubOaks deliver to us (Wednesday-Sunday)

    • BYO Food is also a thing...feasts and picnics encouraged.

  • Family friendly! Kids, with either 2 legs or 4, are welcome if well behaved (and leashed).

  • LAST CALL happens at closing time. Speaking of...

A note from the Chief Heckler, Danny Miller: 

We always envisioned Heckler Brewing with deep roots in the community, and through the support and encouragement of our friends and family, our vision is a reality. Thank you to all for your continued support as we look to heckle our way to new heights.

Cheers and heckle responsibly,

Danny Miller case you missed it above, show us some love by following us on Facebook & Instagram.


Monday-Thursday: 4–9 pm

Friday: 2–10:30 pm

Saturday: 2–10:30 pm

Sunday: 2–8 pm

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