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The Heckler Brewing Story

One day back in September 2016, a few friends got together to start home brewing.  Years  passed pouring heart, soul, time, and money into the craft. They slowly but surely built the Heckler Brand. Developing many classic recipes over the years, in the fall of 2019 they decided to make the move  from hobby brewers to commercial brewers. Heckler Brewing Company Officially came to life in January 2020 at the eve of the global corona virus pandemic. Despite all odds, the momentum had been built and could not be stopped even by COVID 19. The business had to be built during a total world shutdown. Which brings us to today, a few weeks from opening up. We wait for the last touches of the taproom to be completed, and the quarantines and sheltering to lift. 

We cant wait to welcome everyone to the new taproom, and enjoy some hand picked craft beer selections from local, and regional breweries, cider, and wine while we all watch and wait for the last pieces of brewing equipment to be delivered. We hope that by the fall, we can start brewing our own beer again, but this time to serve to the whole commmunity!

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